Best PBA Betting Sites in the Philippines 2023

You’ll find different options for basketball betting sites in the Philippines, but no two of them are equal. Some are better than the others. Today’s guide features the best PBA betting sites that offer competitive odds, user safety and security, and generous promos and bonuses.

We also highlight pertinent information on PBA betting’s legality, payment methods available, and factors to consider when choosing a sportsbook. Keep reading.

Bet on PBA

Best Bookmakers for Betting on PBA

The Legality of PBA Online Betting in the Philippines

Before betting on one of the PBA bookmakers, you should know about PBA betting’s legality in the Philippines. Briefly, it’s a legal activity to bet on PBA games. However, punters should bet on legal betting websites that are licensed and permitted to operate and accept wagers on Philippine basketball games.

How to bet online legally?

How to Start Betting on the PBA Online

Players worldwide can easily bet on the PBA online through sportsbooks offering the most competitive odds, one of the best options for bettors who want to take advantage of the action and bet on their favorite matches or teams online. Here are the specific steps to take.

Step 1: Visit Sportsbook

Visit several sportsbooks online, and have a feel of their website. Read their reviews, and check website security and payment methods, and transparency. Proceed to your chosen sportsbook.

Bookmaker's website

Step 2: Sign Up & Make a Deposit

Go to the signup page and fill it with information, such as email, name, password, currency, and location, depending on where you’re joining. Some betting sites allow registration through your social media or Google account.

Log into your account once you are done with the registration. Make an initial deposit, and start betting on the leading team, the underdog, or other types of bets (*will discuss a little later).

Online betting registration

Step 3: Place Bets

Placing bets using the sportsbook is easy. All you need to do is to choose the type of bet, like money line or totals, and then the amount of money to wager.

Selecting a bet on the match

Top PBA Online Betting Sites for 2023

The different types of basketball bets can be placed using the best betting sites for PBA games in the Philippines. Any one of these is among the top favorites of Filipino bettors when playing basketball betting online.



Before the introduction of many gambling sites for Filipino players, there was the 1XBet which has been established since 2007. It’s Curacao-licensed and Cyprus-registered. Part of the most popular sports from 1xBet is PBA online. It offers various sports and significant rewards and provides users with leading SSL encryption technology, safeguarding their data.

Visit 1xBet Get 100% Up To 6,000 PHP



Filipino players looking for the best odds can check out MegaPari, a relatively new sports betting platform accepting members from the Philippines. Aside from PBA online betting, it offers e-sports, casino games, and generous bonuses to augment your bankroll. Sports betting in tennis, football, volleyball, and ice hockey are also available. Scratch cards, TV games, and lotteries are also on offer.

Visit Megapari Get 100% Up To 5,800 PHP



This gambling website offers punters a wide range of sports besides PBA matches. Filipino bettors can also bet on other sports, like ice hockey, soccer, and American football. Fans of tennis, snooker, boxing, and even Formula 1 racing can also use the site. More games allow punters to use the website’s in-play or live betting feature.

Visit 22Bet Get 100% Up To 7,000 PHP



It serves players worldwide, Filipinos included and caters to different sports wagering. The Curacao Government-licensed platform offers plenty of markets to choose from and allows betting on a wide range of mainstream sports, basketball included. They also have an online casino and a live dealer casino feature.

Visit PNXBet Get 100% Up To 5,000 PHP



A Malta Gaming Authority-licensed basketball betting company, it operates worldwide and accommodates players from the Philippines. The legitimate casino and sportsbook operator offers players a bonus and reward program like other top sportsbooks. This platform also offers 20 sports, including tennis, baseball, and basketball.

Visit GGbet Get 100% Up To 13,000 PHP



OKBet offers the best sports to bet on for Filipino players, giving them access to different sports aside from providing them with a safe and transparent platform. OKBet is licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), ensuring its legal operation and high standards. It’s a transparent and safe place for the best betting experience for beginners and veteran players. The platform also uses the available top SSL encryption technology for added safety of its members.

Visit OKBet Get 100% Up To 1,000 PHP



Some of the best PBA betting odds are on Mega Sports World (MSW), which PAGCOR licenses. This platform accepts PAGCOR casino chips and Philippine peso. One hundred pesos is the smallest deposit for single/accumulator bets. To get more out of the best online PBA wagering platform, you can install the VIP Premier Service app on your mobile device.

Visit MSW Get 100% Up To 500 PHP



INPLAY Sportsbook obtained a license from PAGCOR (2020), making it a legal online sportsbook and casino in the country, allowing more players to participate in basketball tournaments, like the Governors Cup. Depending on the member’s location and preferences, it offers players a wide range of sports, like basketball, football, baseball, and more.

Visit Inplay Get 100% Up To 5,000 PHP

Compare the Best Betting Sites in the Philippines


100% first deposit bonus up to 5500 PHP, no-risk bonus

Curaçao eGaming License

Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus up to 5800 PHP, accumulator-of-the-day, losing streak bonus


Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus up to 7000 PHP, cashback promos, no-deposit, match bonuses, and free bets


Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus 100% up to 5000 PHP,  reload bonuses, VIP promotions, cashback offers


Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus up to 13,000 PHP, daily bonuses, holiday bonuses, monthly bonuses


Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


100% Welcome bonus up to 1000 PHP, birthday bonus, second deposit bonus, Basketball weekly loss rebate, unlimited 5% bonus

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus up to 500 PHP, head-to-head hero bonus, odds boost, birthday bonuses

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:


Welcome bonus up to 5000 PHP

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

Average margin on basketball:

Average margin on PBA matches:

How to Choose a PBA Betting Site

How can you choose betting sites offering the best experiences and rewards? Keep reading from the first to the last tip to help you select the best online PBA betting website.

Betting Lines and Basketball Odds

To have the most pleasant gaming experience, research the sportsbook offering you the best betting lines and most competitive odds. This step is essential to have the most significant PBA betting odds for the match and upcoming ones.

PBA Betting Bonuses

You can rely on the best PBA online betting sites for huge rewards and bonuses. Like those featured earlier, they typically offer new players a 100% welcome bonus, provided they follow specific terms and conditions. Other perks from basketball betting websites include loyalty programs, reloading bonuses, and free spins.

User Interface

When looking for a reliable basketball betting website, you don’t only find the best bonuses. Instead, it would help if you also prioritized some of the best interfaces wherein it must be easy to navigate to look for the specific page, like the PBA schedule of the game. Avoid difficult-to-use web designs, but choose platforms with a clean and easy-to-use one.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The PBA bookmakers should cater to Filipino players’ typical deposit and withdrawal methods. These include debit and credit cards, e-wallets, money orders, and wire transfers. On the other hand, some sites accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Choose a website that receives your preferred payment method to avoid inconvenience.

Safety and Trustworthiness

Online basketball betting makes things convenient for a lot of players. However, it may also come with a significant drawback in terms of security. You should not sign up for websites that don’t have a safe and secure platform. Instead, go for those that use the latest internet security practices and technologies, including SSL encryption, to protect your data from prying eyes and hackers.

Customer Service and Support Team

The PBA bookmakers should offer more than just significant bonuses and reward systems. These platforms should also ensure a reliable customer support team to contact for inquiries, technical difficulties, and other concerns encountered while using their platform. No one wants to use a betting platform with a poor support team. Top bookmakers are reachable via phone, chat, email, and social media.

Currencies and Languages

If you’re from the Philippines, the PBA betting platform must be available in the Philippine peso currency and Filipino language, offering convenience and easy transactions. Nevertheless, verify whether the language and currency you prefer are available on the bookmaker before signing up and using them for basketball betting.

Best PBA Betting Offers

Bettors can choose from the bookmakers we’ve featured and check out their bonuses, loyalty programs, and reward systems. They can use such bonuses to increase their bankroll and have more money for wagering. Use those cash bonuses to bet on more games, especially if you’re a beginner still trying to familiarize yourself with PBA online betting.

bonus up to:
bonus up to:
bonus up to:

How to Bet on PBA Matchups

Login to your sports betting account and select the matchup you want to bet on, the type of bet, and the wager amount. That’s so easy and fast! Nevertheless, you don’t need to sweat when you need to bet on matchups because you can easily see them on your account’s dashboard.

To determine your payout on a “winning PBA bet,” here’s a simple formula.

Remember that you need to change the number to positive and follow this rule ~ 100/odds X stake = profit when the displayed odds are a minus sign (-) or negative.

On the other hand, use the formula odds divided by 100 multiplied by stake = profit when you see that the odds are displayed as a positive sign (+).

How to Bet on PBA

For example is a “money line odds” for a PBA game.

Let’s say that the San Miguel Beermen are the favorites, indicated by “- odds,” while the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel are the underdogs, indicated by the “+odds.”

You just input the numbers into the given formulas to determine your potential payout for betting 50PHP on either of the two. 

San Miguel Beermen:
100/225 x 50 = 22.22PHP

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel:
188/100 x 50 = 94PHP


San Miguel Beermen: 22.22PHP +
50PHP = 72.22PHP

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel:
94PHP + 50PHP = 144PHP

If you want a quicker way to come up with the same results without following such steps, you can use an online betting calculator. Alternatively, you can use the bet slip in your sportsbook.

Your bet will automatically move to it when you’ve chosen the odds. Then, you can input the bet amount to see the potential payout possibilities.

Types of Bets in PBA Basketball

The Philippine Basketball Association basketball games are as popular as the National Basketball Association games for Filipinos who love the sport so much. You can make several types of bets when betting on PBA, including the following.

Moneyline Bets

This type of bet involves betting on the team you believe is to win. Odds are being set next to every PBA team – positive or negative. The favorite team will have the negative odds, and the underdog will have the positive odds.


The PBA betting site will also offer their punters the totals bet, which entails betting on the points that both basketball teams will score. They also have the option of wagering on the number of points one of the teams will make over the game’s entire duration. Note that the oddsmaker will set the line, and then you will select whether the total is over or under that line set.

Futures Bets

Predicting the Grand Slam champion, even if it is yet to happen, is a “futures bet.” If you’re a bettor confident that a particular team will be the winner, this bet is for you. Another example of a “futures bet” is choosing the Most Valuable Player or conference winner right before it starts. Thus, this bet doesn’t focus on the total points in a game or all the other stats. To win a more significant sum of money, punters should place a wager early on a “futures bet.”

Parlay Bets

The entire league of PBA, a national association for basketball, makes basketball more exciting. Types of bets like parlay bets make the match of teams more colorful. Parlay bets involve punters combining different bets on a specific bet slip to increase payout if they win. However, it would help if you won all the stakes to receive a payout from a parlay.

The Point Spread Bets

This PBA bet is the most common of basketball bets wherein the bets will designate a handicap to one of the teams, balancing the odds on the two sides.

Point spread bets also mean that the team considered to be weaker can win the bet regardless they don’t win. The team must only ensure their score is close to the winning team.

Sportsbooks give their members point spreads to show them which of the two teams is more likely to win, along with information on how many points they will win over their competitor. The favorites will have negative odds.

Prop Bets

The sportsbook offers this type of sports betting for basketball. It means betting on a particular occurrence to take place in the game. The number of betting by punters will focus on the team stats or individual stats, respectively called “team props” and “player props.”

In PBA, NBA, and other leagues, many props are available from the first to the last game of a particular season. In the match, you can focus on wagering on individual props if you’ve just started using this type of bet. Examples include rebounds, point totals, and blocks, to name some.

Live Betting (In-Play)

This live betting feature involves betting during a live game, allowing you to keep wagering while a match occurs. You can keep wagering during the entire game while the sportsbook updates the odds. There will be cup odds in-play on special events and tournaments, including the PBA Commissioner Cup.

PBA Betting Tips and Guides

Check out the following for PBA wagering guides and tips to increase your winning potential.

  • Increase your knowledge of team information and statistics in the PBA. It’ll also help to understand team rivalries and the history of the PBA.
  • Sign up with a dependable sportsbook online, which includes OKBet, GGBet, and the rest featured earlier. Choose the one that meets your requirements, such as payment method and terms and conditions of bonuses.
  • Study how the betting lines work so you’ll know more about the bet types, such as regular PBA bets. 
  • Deposit funds into your account to start wagering in the conference games.
  • Select the PBA markets you’re most comfortable with the game’s outcome.

Different Payment Methods Available for PBA Betting

The number of payment methods offered on a PBA wagering site depends on the bookmaker. Many would typically accept VISA, MasterCard, wire transfers, and e-wallets. On the other hand, some would also accept cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Nevertheless, choose a bookmaker that accepts your preferred payment option. We will share more about these payment methods in a bit.

Payment methods at bookmakers

PBA Game Standing and Statistics

On this site, you’ll see the latest team standing and statistics, like team wins and losses, individual player performance (rebound, three-point shots, two-point shots, steals, and blocks), and upcoming matchups. We also present helpful team stats and other information to help increase your chances of winning.

For some statistics, the San Miguel Beermen has the most points per game, averaging 101.5, and the most rebounds totaling 45.8/game. The assist per game goes to Barangay Ginebra San Miguel with 23.9 per game, and the most steals per game go to Magnolia Hotshots, totaling 8.8. (*Data as of the time of this writing).

PBA Game Statistics

PBA Game Conference and Season Breakdown

The Philippine Basketball Association has three competitions that run every season, including the following.

The Philippine Cup: Only locals
can join the league tournament,
which started in 1975. The San
Miguel team is the most winning
one in this tournament.

The Commissioner’s Cup is the
second tournament, which
started in 1993. The PBA permits
using one import or international

The Governor’s Cup: It was
introduced in 1993. Imports are
still permitted, although the PBA
still implements a height limit.
Also, only one import for every
team is allowed.

PBA online betting

PBA Online Betting Strategy

The betting markets for the past and the current PBA are plenty, so you should apply some strategies, which should be different for all games. Your plan should be aligned with the statistics and other information the oddsmaker presents to increase your winning potential. Here are some valuable strategies to help you improve your chances for a profit.

  • Pick the winners for an individual game if you have just started with PBA betting online. You can try totals, futures, and other bet types as you become familiar.
  • Go for safer picks if you are new to online basketball betting. As you familiarize yourself, you can also try betting on higher-risk bets for a larger potential payout.
  • Bet when the markets open to capitalize on the oddsmakers’ initial line mistakes. Remember that the lines get harder to beat and more precise as the day progresses.
  • Use the in-play or live betting feature to bet even during the game and use the updated odds, increasing your chances of winning. Changing in-game odds will enable you to capitalize on the game’s volatility and sometimes hedge on past bets to gain a profit. 
  • Track your PBA bets – money line, parlays, and so on – allowing you to check your patterns and determine your bets’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Stay disciplined, and don’t be carried away to avoid ruining your bankroll. Limit your wagers as you familiarize yourself with how PBA betting works.
  • Research, watch the games, and use stats to help you make an informed betting decision. This will also help you make smart picks in the end.

Mobile PBA Betting Apps

Now that you know the betting strategies and tips when betting on PBA teams and individual players, here’s another critical piece of information to take your bets to another level. Download PBA betting apps to stay in action, monitor the matches, and bet on PBA. Downloadable PBA betting apps are easy to use and have high-quality graphics and interfaces. They also have the same functionalities as mobile and desktop bookmaker versions.

How to bet on PBA from mobile?

Payment Methods for PBA Betting

The legal bookmakers that accept Filipino bettors offer several payment methods for a pleasant and hassle-free experience, allowing them to use one that suits their preference and situation. The following are the most common of them.


You can deposit into the bookmaker account using this e-wallet, the easiest and most widely used in the Philippines in its category. Safely deposit and withdraw money from your account using GCash, which transactions are processed fast.


Safe and secure, PayPal is one of the world’s most trusted payment processors when betting on PBA games. If you don’t have it yet, sign up for an account, verify it, and link your bank account to it. PayPal is also available for app download, which players prefer.


Most reliable sportsbook services accept Visa as a payment method because it is safe and secure, just like the two previously mentioned. It’s also known worldwide, being accepted as payment method by millions of merchants and service providers.

Popular PBA Events to Bet On

If you want to take advantage of the odds that can make you win in the game you’re betting on, here are the famous events of the PBA.

The PBA Championship

The PBA championship is the tournament’s final game and is the most prestigious and most awaited one. Bet during this event for higher winning potentials.


The playoffs involve a series or several games of elimination rounds to determine the champions of the PBA for a specific season. It’s the tournament at the end of the season.


During the PBA Finals, the top eight PBA teams proceed to the final round to battle in a best-out-of-seven championship match. The winner will be the winners of the current year. Bettors will typically bet on the team they believe to win in the final games.

Odds and predictions for all PBA matches
At you will find the best predictions and betting tips for all PBA matches in the current season.

How to Deposit a Betting Account Using GCash

Here are the detailed steps if you prefer using GCash to deposit funds into your betting account.

  • Register with one of the sportsbooks on this page. Choose one that accepts a GCash deposit option.
  • Register an account. Fill up the required information, such as your name, phone number, location, and currency, and then confirm your email to create your sportsbook account.
  • Look for the deposit button. In your account’s user dashboard, find the “deposit” area where to check for the available payment methods, GCash being one of them.
  • Select a welcome bonus. Choose a bonus or promo to get the most out of the registration and first deposit completion.
  • Choose GCash from the available payment methods. Enter the payment details and deposit amount. Complete the step by confirming the deposit transaction.



Please start with the list we’ve given above. We’ve researched and tested each based on safety, security, transparency, and reliability.


Yes, provided you’ll use licensed and legal betting sites where Filipinos are accepted


Yes, you can. You can choose from and bet on different bets, such as parlay, futures, and money line bets.


Look for and register with a reputable sportsbook, verify your account, and deposit funds into it. Start betting and enjoy! TIP: Start low and manage your bankroll.


The odds are not always the same, fluctuating occasionally based on factors like seasons and players.